Our Finish Process

Please read the following information before placing an order.

Our finish process – Habilis Bush Tools products are all intended to be “hard use tools”

logo 200The blades can(and usually do) have marks and pitting caused by the manufacturing process, We consider these “personality marks” as each knife is unique and we honestly think they are quite beautiful.  These marks will in no way effect performance and the act of removing them would actually make the knife weaker.  Habilis Bush Tool  knives are intended to be hard use utilitarian tools and as such are not mirror polished or overworked.

The knives are hand ground and as such may have imperfections in the symmetry of the grind. I make every effort to keep the lines consistent but I am only human. The grind of the blade is left with coarse grind marks, this is intentional, because it makes the blade glide better through flesh acting as a granton edge like those used in high end kitchen cutlery.

The bluing that we use is the best money can buy. Bluing by its nature is unpredictable, it is the action of acids that have elements in suspension that causes the bluing action. In most cases it will be very dark when new and will mellow to a more traditional blue as the tool is used and ages. Gun Bluing is made from acids with metals in suspension so there can be very dark areas and light swirls of gold, copper, purple and blue also, as I said before it is unpredictable.

logo 200***NOTE: The copper color that the bluing can impart can look like rust, however there is no surface roughness as is associated with real rust. The handles and hardware are hand ground and I grind them to feel good in the hand-not necessarily be symmetrical. The handles and hardware are finished to a satin finish with scotchbrite to give a smooth finish that retains good gripability. Our logo and on some models the Pathfinder logo is engraved on the blade and we do this before bluing, the result is a subdued logo that is visible but not bright or shiney. Our knives are hand sharpened using a Wicked Edge precision knife sharpening system.

The knives are sharpened at a 30 degree angle and each receives a paper cutting test before being packaged. Our tools are coated with olive oil and shrinkwraped to insure that they remain rust free and by using olive oil we can insure that they are food safe. Upon receiving your knife please wash it thoroughly with warm soapy water, dry completely and reapply a thin coat of olive oil.

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