The Pathfinder School

Pathfinder ad LogoWe at Habilis Bushtools LLC highly reccommend The Pathfinder System for anyone that is interested in primitive skills and self reliance.  The YouTube videos will give you insight to the skills and teaching method that Dave Canterbury uses in the Pathfinder System.  The skills that Dave teaches are what we consider your birthrite as an inheritance from our ancestors.  The system does not focus on any one aborigional group, instead it takes all tribal knowledge and creates a group of human living skills.
These skills are our human heritage and as such Dave presents these skills so that they can be mastered by anyone regardless of age, experience or physicality. The thing that we respect most about The Pathfinder System is that it requires “deliverables” which are proof that you “own” the skill in practice not just theory for these reasons Habilis Bushtools LLC is a proud partner and supporter of Dave Canterbury and The Pathfinder School LLC.